HAMACHO HOTEL will start local tour at ‘Hamacho’ and ‘Nihombashi’ area which HAMACHO HOTEL front staffs will guide to you.
The ‘Hamacho tour’ enjoy the Hamacho’s handcraft hospitality and homemade confections threw from local workshop and eating tour for local Japanese food.
The ‘Nihombashi tour’ feel the Japanese history and modern TOKYO threw from Bank of Japan tour and cruise at Sumida river.

Early Nov / 2019 -Hamacho tour
Mid Nov / 2019 -Hamacho tour
Late Nov/ 2019 – Nihombashi tour
※The date is to be announced.

Hamacho tour :\2,500 (Including work shop fee ※excluding eating around fee)
Nihombashi tour : \5,000 (Including cruise and lunch fee)

The duration:
Hamacho tour : About 3 hours (around 9:30 am. start)
Nihombashi tour: About 5 hours (around 10:00 am. start)

More information and tour detail will come soon.
Please look forward to it

General clean-up for corridor carpet

Dear Guests,
We trust you are enjoying a comfortable and most restful stay with us in HAMACHO HOTEL TOKYO.
Please kindly be informed that the hotel will be conducting General clean-up for corridor carpet as following schedule below.
Date: Monday 12nd August – Tuesday 13th August 2019
Time: 11:00 – 16:00 (subject to slight change)
Notice: Takes 30 minutes for each floor. (Wash and dry).
After cleaning the carpet floor still moist, please beware when you pass the corridor.
Should you have concern regarding the inspection please feel free to contact us at our Front Desk.
We appreciate your understanding and thank you for being our guests.