”Life in Art”

“Life in Art” is a project to expand art with the theme of everyday art.
HAMACHO HOTEL is going to join this project, special opening of “TOKYO CARFT ROOM” as a satellite gallery.

Date: July 22nd (Thur) -August 29th (Sun) *Only Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Time: 10: 00-17: 00
Exhibited artist: HouxoQue (JAPAN)

“Life in Art” introduces the works of artists who sympathize with the creation, regardless of famous name, era, domestic or overseas, and holds exhibitions at IDÉE / MUJI stores. Exhibitions will be held at three locations: IDÉE TOKYO, MUJI Ginza, and Satellite Galleries.

At MUJI Ginza, 27 groups of artists and artists’ works and installations are exhibited throughout the building, including MUJI HOTEL. IDÉE TOKYO proposes a wide variety of art, such as an auction that connects art with more than 50 people, including creators and artists who are related to IDÉE and MUJI.

In addition, we will connect with shops in the city such as coffee shops and expand the place where you can meet art as “Life in Art Satellite Gallery”. Why don’t you find a unique work that will make you feel closer to art and move your heart?

《Life in Art Exhibition》
Date: July 9th (Fri) -September 5th (Sun)
Venue: IDÉE TOKYO, MUJI Ginza, Satellite Galleries

For more details, please check the IDÉE Life in Art website [https://www.idee-lifeinart.com/]. We look forward to your visit.