Notice of new product at TOKYO CRAFT ROOM

We would like to introduce two new items at TOKYO CRAFT ROOM.

The first item is a collaboration between Copenhagen-based design studio “All The Way To Paris” and carpet maker “Hotta Carpet”, which specializes in wool Wilton carpets. It can be easily spread all over the floor as a rug when 50 cm square carpets are placed side by side. You can enjoy creating space with your favorite design while freely combining them.

The second item is the “mirror” created by product designer “Wataru Kumano” and “Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho” , which specializes in processing various metal spinning parts. Designer Kumano’s ideal is that, “Can we make a mirror with the simplest technology by making the best use of the characteristics of the material?” “Can we make a mirror that is not flat and has a presence like an object ?”. Based on the idea, a technology called “spatula squeezing” has created an unprecedented mirror. A one-off mirror has been realized by the skill of advanced craftsman who manufacture a wide range of products.