2022.7.1~7.7  Tanabata Week


Tanabata is based on the legendary meeting of two stars, Hikoboshi and Orihime, which are represented by Altair and Vega.
Hikoboshi and Orihime fell in love and were really into each other. After their marriage, they stopped working and had been neglactive their work. So, an angry god separated them up by the river called Ama-no-gawa. However, god permitted them to reunite once a year on July 7th.

Tanabata is held on that day every year and people decorate bamboo trees with colorful pieces of paper to pray for Orihime and Hikoboshi to come together. It is also believed that wish will come true when you write on the paper strips and hang them on bamboo trees.

Dates:1st of July (Fri) – 7th of July (Thu)
Place:HAMACHO HOTEL 1st floor

≪SNS posting promotion≫
1. Write on the paper strips and hang them on the bamboo branch.
2.Take a picture which is related to “Tanabata Week” and upload to SNS with HAMACHO HOTEL’s SNS account.
3.Please show the screen which you posted the picture to frontdesk staffs.
4.You can get a Special macaroons which is made by nel craftchoclolate tokyo.
*limited to first 77 customers.

We will regularly post the Tanabata week information to our SNS, so if you can’t visit to Japan or you can’t come to our hotel due to COVID-19 please check our Instagram and facebook.
(Instagram:hamacho_hotel_tokyo. Facebook:Hamacho Hotel Tokyo)

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

TOKYO CRAFT ROOM New Item Talk Event & Instagram Live: Art “GRASS IN THE WIND”

TOKYO CRAFT ROOM announced the completion of a new product and the holding of the talk event.

The art “GLASS IN THE WIND” has been produed by Amsterdam-based artist Fuller van Dodewaard and Kyoshindo Inazaki, who traditional Japanese “Hyogu” company which has been established in Nihonbashi for about 180 years, has been completed.

Dodewaard’s approach to work is very unique, crossing photographs, sculptures and paintings, creating works using familiar materials and finally completing them in the form of photographs. The 4.5m art work which made by thin Japanese paper was completed by the high technology of Kyoshindo Inazaki, who handles tableware, frame, folding screen, and fusuma table tableware.

This work that has been created through the Netherlands and Japan with the technology that has existed in Japan for about 150 years and the new modern sensibility. Please watch at their different styles, techniques, and related stories that you couldn’t understand at a glance. Dodewaard will also be coming to Japan from the Netherlands!

Although we invite a limited number of visitors to this event. In addition, Instagram Live will be delivered at the same time on the day of the event, so please join us!

[Event Detail]
Project # 6 Art “GRASS IN THE WIND”
TALK EVENT:April 25th (Monday), 7:00pm-8:30pm

Fleur van Dodewaard(Artist),
Tomonobu Inazaki (Kyoshindo Inazaki),
Teruhiro Yanagihara (Creative Director of TOKYO CRAFT ROOM),
Haruka Fukushima (Manager of HAMACHO HOTEL)

If you would like to join it, please apply from the link below.

Application deadline:April 23rd(Saturday)
Capacity:10 people
Participation fee:Free

Talk event application link:https://forms.gle/ba2LUJS3TFEn64X2A