The Notice for New Year’s Day 2024 Breakfast

2023.11.01 INFORMATION

Warm greeting from HAMACHO HOTEL.

We are pleased to announce that on 1 January 2024 (New Year’s Day), SESSiON will be offering an exclusive Osechi Plate Breakfast.

If you would like to book this special breakfast,please oder from the oder form.
*Only for guests who have already booked hotel accommodation.

Please note that the number of this breakfast is limited (Limited to 60 meals).
Reservations will be taken on a first-reserved basis.
We thank you in advance for your understanding.

4,800 yen per meal
【Osechi Plate】
★Angel Prawns and Red and White Vegetables with Yuzu
★Braised Japanese Mochi Pork with Red Wine
★Roast Japanese Beef with Salted Pepper Condiman
★Smoked Iwate Duck with Pickled Red Cabbage
★ Marinated Norwegian salmon with citron caviar
★ Root Vegetable Grec and Cured Ham
★ Black Bean and Kumquat Compote
★Chestnut Kintoki
★ Inari Sushi with Salmon Roe and Conger Eel

★Soup containing rice cakes and vegetables (New Year’s dish)

*Menus may vary depending on what is available.

Hamamachi Attractiveness Discovery Project – Conveying a Life with “Handicrafts” and “Greenery” – is now underway!

2023.07.20 EVENT

We will hold Tanabata Week again this year, which is attended by many people every year!
Why don’t you join us in decorating for the Tanabata Festival?
Not only guests, but anyone is welcome to participate, so please feel free to drop by and join us.

〇The Tanabata Tanzaku Project to Connect with the Town

Those who hang tanzaku strips from the above stores in the city on the bamboo leaves at HAMACHO HOTEL will receive a limited edition Tanabata macaron handmade by nel CraftChocolateTokyo (limited to the first 77 people). The event is open to all visitors to the participating stores. During the period, each store will have a special POP posted so that you can spot them.
The limited edition macarons will only be available during this period, so please look forward to them!

Please be sure to bring your wishes back to HAMACHO HOTEL and show them to the front desk staff after filling in your wish list.

《Date and time of the event》
From July 1 to the end of business on July 7.

《Conditions and Privileges》
Those who make a wish on two or more tanzaku strips will receive a limited edition Tanabata macaron handmade by nel CRAFTCHOCOLATE TOKYO (limited to the first 77 customers).
Tanzaku from the same store is not allowed. (e.g. HamaHouse + Single O, etc.).
If there are more than two strips of tanzaku per group, each person will receive a limited edition macaron handmade by nel CRAFTCHOCOLATE TOKYO.

If you have more than two strips of tanzaku, you will receive a limited edition macaron, but each person is limited to one macaron at a time.

〇Hamacho Charm Discovery Project – Conveying a Life with Handmade Goods and Greenery

We invite you to discover the HAMACHO HOTEL concept of “greenery and handicrafts” in Hamacho, and to share your handicrafts and greenery with others!
Please post your message on Instagram, and we will give away a gorgeous prize to the post that best matches the theme!
For details, please see the booklet distributed at HAMACHO HOTEL!

《Date and time of the event》
Period》 From July 1st to July 31st.

《How to participate》
Follow HAMACHO HOTEL’s Instagram account.
Post a photo with the hashtag provided and complete the application process.
Please note that customers with key accounts will not be able to participate.
*Please note that the social networking information posted may be introduced on HAMACHO HOTEL’s official social networking service. Please note that your social networking may be featured on Hamacho Hotel’s official social networking sites. (Instagram:hamacho_hotel_tokyo. Facebook:Hamacho Hotel Tokyo)

We look forward to welcoming you to Hamacho Hotel Tokyo.